RateKhoj - Compare Credit cards, Deposits and Loan Rates

Ratekhoj.com is a financial services company which provides the tools to find the best possible choices available in the Indian market for Fixed Deposits, Credit Cards, Post Office Schemes and Loan products.

On RateKhoj.com consumers can compare Interest rates as well as the major features of Loans, Fixed Deposits and Credit Cards from all leading banks and other financial Institutions in India. Ratekhoj.com updates its financial product data continually and provides free and objective information to people with the goal of helping them save and earn more money with their financial decisions.

Ratekhoj.com provides accurate and comprehensive information on loan, fixed deposit and credit card products. All information is updated continually thereby providing customers with a platform to make financial decisions based on current information. Here you can select multiple products in a category and compare them.

They provide the comparison service for financial products and enables one to compare services like FDs, Credit Cards, Home loans, Car/Two-wheeler loans, Personal and Education loans. Here you can also search credit card by features.
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Unique Features and Our Reviews

RateKhoj.com, a place to compare Credit Cards, Deposit and Loan Rates of all types. With very basic designs in place, RateKhoj is a great utility especially if you plan to make your money work for you. The best part is, it's updated pretty frequently, thus the market dynamics are always taken in care. A brand association and media publicity can help this site scale pretty fast.



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