Yauba - Secure, Safe and Real Time Search Engine

Yauba.com is a new search engine which lets you search the internet safely and anonymously.

Yauba claims to ensure absolute privacy and doesn’t collect any personally identifiable information. This is against the very popular practice that major search engines are following these days to collect information on browsing habits of their users. This practice allows users to search internet keeping their privacy and anonymity intact.

You search will be safe from cookies, private information recordings and from transferring your personal information to third party websites.

As you search for a term on Yauba, it will display the basic results and along with it- photos, videos, documents, blogs, websites related to the term. It also searches and displays content from social networks like MySpace, Facebook, Hi5, LinkedIn, Bebo etc.

You can click any result to visit external site directly or click “Visit anonymously” link to browse them anonymously through Yauba’s proxy servers. You can also download the Firefox or Internet Explorer Yauba search plug-in.

Yauba is a combined research effort from the Indian Institutes of Technology, the University of Delhi, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and the University of California at Berkeley.
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Unique Features and Our Reviews

Search Engines have evolved. They are no more a directory of links. With the rapid evolution the issues of privacy protection has emerged. It becomes little scary at times to know that search engines even record all of your search history as well other personal preferences which you might not like to share with anyone.

Yauba, a new search engine that helps you search web anonymously helps protect privacy and thus ensure you a secure web surfing. Their search engine aggregates results from different web platforms including the likes of social networks as well other popular search engines.

You can opt in to visit any website (shown in the results) anonymously. This kind of initiative is still in experimentation stage and we will have to see its evolution as the popularity grows.

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One must appreciate the effort! But these guys try to put too much of information in a single page. It is slow, most of the results are irrelevant and the UI sucks. simplicity is the name of the game.
Reviews Posted By  Ranjeeth
Are you guys *editing* comments? Man that makes me want o abandon this site!
Reviews Posted By  Ranjeeth
hello mr rajneeth, I apologize but we had to remove the url as it was continuous (without space) and when we enabled it, it reformatted our page. please understand our concern we never edit the comments unless its actually required for technical issues.. thanks
Reviews Posted By  Harsh Agarwal
Harsh, Oh okay! I am sorry that was a knee jerk reaction yesterday.:)
Reviews Posted By  Ranjeeth

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