Ace2Three - Play Indian Rummy Card Game and Earn Prizes

Ace2Three is an online gaming portal that aims at promoting the famous Indian cards game “Rummy”. It wishes to create a community of professional and skilled gamers out of this initiative.

Rummy is one the very popular card game played in India from early times. It’s also a part of a large group of Draw and Discard games played with sets of playing cards. The main objective in any Rummy games is to improve one's "HAND" by forming sets of cards and melding them in certain rules.

At Ace2Three you can play the 13 card Indian rummy in a single game format or a tournament which is generally known as ‘Pool’.

To start playing, just download the software installer and follow the instructions on the installation. Afterwards register with website and start playing.

In this platform you can play for fun as well as for cash prizes. To play for fun you will get 1000 free play for “fun chips” to play on Practice tables/tournaments. You may reload your points when exhausted.

To earn cash you will have to buy “Real Chips". These real chips can be used to play real cash tournaments. After winning, "Real Chips" can be redeemed for cash or a mobile voucher through the website.

Ace2Three is an offering by Hyderabad based Head Infotech India Pvt Ltd, which also offers affiliate partnership with Individuals, bloggers and website owners on various criteria.
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Unique Features and Our Reviews

Playing cards is always a fun time pass, but when money comes into picture, only serious gamers should try their hands.

Ace2Three is for those card gamers who have loved playing rummy; the only change is that now it has moved online. This platform even lets you learn and try your hand before you play actual tournaments.

The website is really well designed and has accommodated almost all the promotional options to market their product.

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wannna join this game
Reviews Posted By  shade
How to deposit and withdrawal the amount in Ace2three game.. which site i need to use for it... pls let me know.
Reviews Posted By  konda

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