iMo Launches iPhone App - Turns iPhone Into Joystick For PC Video Games

16 Sep 2009

A new startup, iMo has just demoed an amazing iPhone application at TechCrunch50. iMo’s iPhone app turns an iPhone or an iPod Touch into a joystick that works with existing PC video games, giving it Wii like capabilities.

iMo is a really great alternative to playing PC video games using the regular keyboard and mouse. It’s an iPhone application that you run and it sends the data over Wi-Fi to your PC. There is software that people install on their PC to accept the signals. The iPhone app should be available on the App Store very soon for $0.99.

iMo leverages the iPhone/iPod Touch's built-in accelerometer and touch screen to not just mimic the standard game controllers such as the joystick but add a lot more control to take gaming action to the next level.

The promoters also plan to develop applications for other mobile platforms such as Android and include support for gaming consoles as well, like Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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