PPT Salon offers services to design rich looking effective presentations. It is a Goa based online service provider which is specialized in presentation.

If you are looking to present your idea, product or any simple business presentation in an effective manner, you can contact with PPT Salon. Their team designs custom presentations for conferences, investor meets, internal meetings, business plans, and pitches and for many other requirements.

The presentation is completely e ...

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Socioclean is an online application that helps you understand and protect your social reputation by scanning and cleaning your online profile on various social networks.

With the ever growing importance of social networks in our lives, they have become a huge medium for personal communication and marketing. Job Recruiters have started turning up to networks such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter in order to know more about candidates.

Socioclean was found to help you keep you ...

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Ezee-Shop offers you new experience of shopping of your daily usage products and domestic household products.

This e-commerce site aims to change the traditional shopping methods and helps you to shop on just one click. The online portal is produced by Vigour Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd with the vision to make life good and easy with the help of using new technology and simple application.

To experience this new way of shopping, you first have to register for the website. A ...

Category eCommerce-Shopping  | Tags ezee-shop, shopping, grocery  |  Visit  http://www.ezee-shop.com/
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Semantifi is a platform which offers users a way to search for specific data through a search engine powered by user-created apps.

Deep Web is usually referred to that part of web where information is stored in user databases; these databases constitute almost 90 percent of information base. This information is not immediately accessible through traditional search engines like Google that just search the text and images of websites.

Semantifi's takes a knowledge base approach ...

Category Search  | Tags semantifi, search  |  Visit  http://www.semantifi.com
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99tests is an online testing platform which aims to bring together a passionate group of testers.

Through this platform the companies and individuals can upload their software applications. A testing contest is then announced which typically runs for a certain duration (mostly a week). During this period, the interested testers can join the contest based on their interest and start testing the product.

The client is free to validate the bugs found and for every bug validated b ...

Category Web App - Utilities  | Tags 99tests, testing, software  |  Visit  http://www.99tests.com
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myHeureka provides you a social platform to secure your intellectual property (IP) rights, pitch your ideas to investors for funding and get funded.

Generally when a unique business idea comes to person’s mind, the person tends to protect it by patenting, copyrighting or trade-marking through the Trademark office. The process is tedious and the charges are steep. It becomes almost impossible for a common man to pursue it.

myHeureka can come to rescue this tedious process. It ...

Category Web App - Utilities  | Tags myheureka, intellectual, property, ipr  |  Visit  http://www.myheureka.com
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KooKoo acts as an interface between your applications and the telephony world, allowing you to setup an extra delivery channel for your web application.

As a business owner, you need to deal with those customers who prefer telephones and not your website to contact you. As the number of customers increase, your contact number gets overloaded. You would now prefer to have an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system in place so that customers can search for the information themselves with ...

Category Mobile-IPhone  | Tags kookoo, mobile, apps, ivr  |  Visit  http://www.kookoo.in/
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Cyocs.com lets you create your own classified website for specific purposes. This classified website is hosted as a sub-site of Cyocs and visitors from across the web can post in their needs on your sub-site.

The portal seems to have an easy to use interface and the classified sub-sites can be used to cater to variety of needs. Say for example the college students from same college or different colleges staying in near-by locations can create a classified site for exchanging books and ...

Category Web App - Utilities  | Tags cyocs, classifieds  |  Visit  http://www.cyocs.com/
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Eculator is an online calculator that helps students solve physics and mathematics numerical problems in quick manner. The portal provides a tool where you can just enter the values for the given formulas and it will calculate the answer for you.

The website primarily has a large collection of formula modules. Each module has its own calculator and graph page. The students can find almost all the formulas related with physics and mathematics.

Putting different values in formul ...

Category Communication-Education  | Tags eculator, education, numericals  |  Visit  http://www.eculator.com/
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MysTwt is an online service which allows you to send tweets to your friends without disclosing your identity. The anonymous tweeting service can be used to convey your expressions or creations without disclosures of personal identity.

Sometimes you want to recommend something to your lovable, but you don’t want to stay in the middle because you are little bit confused for recommending that. But if you think that the thing can be beneficial and you want to make your lovable one to pay at ...

Category Blogging-Widgets  | Tags mystwt, twitter, tweet  |  Visit  http://www.mystwt.com/
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